GK Questions Answers - SET 2 | Sarkari Naukri Preparation | General Science

GK Questions Answers - SET 2 - Sarkari Naukri Preparation - General Science

GK Questions and answers for Sarkari Naukri preparation :- Welcome to SarkariNaukri123.in ! In the previous post we have discussed GK Questions Answers - SET 1, where we have discussed some mixed GK Questions and answers for Sarkari Naukri preparation.

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General Science GK Questions answers for Sarkari Naukri preparation -

1. Which of the following is used with iron to make it rust free ?
a. Tin
b. Carbon
c. Aluminium
d. Chromium

Ans. d
> Chromium is mixed with iron to make it rust-free and it is known as stainless steel
> Very important question

2. How many chambers are there in human heart?
a. 2
b. 4
c. 5
d. 3

Ans. b
> The four chambers are > Left ventricle, right ventricle, right atrium, left atrium

3. From the following, Nilgai belongs to ?
a. Goat
b. Deer
c. Sheep
d. Cow

Ans. b

4. By which process Water can be separated from alcohol in a water-alcohol mixture ?
a. Distillation
b. Evaporation
c. Sublimation
d. Decantation

Ans. a
> It is a process in which pure liquid is separated from a mixture of liquids
> very important question

Science GK for Competitive Exams - Important questions answers for Sarkari Naukri -

5. Who among the following declared earlier than Newton about the gravitation force of earth ?
a. Varahamihira
b. Aryabhatta
c. Buddhagupta
d. Brahmagupta

Ans. d

6. Pyrometer is used to measure

Ans. High temperature like in furnaces, kilns

7. Ammeter is used to measure

Ans. Current in a circuit
> very important question

8. Anemometer is used to measure

Ans. Speed of wind or current of gas
> It is also a common weather station instrument

9. Earth's escape velocity is?
a. 15 km/sec
b. 7 km/sec
c. 11.2 km/sec
d. 9 km/sec

Ans. c
> Escape velocity is the lowest velocity needed to escape the gravitational attraction

10. Collection of Which type of acid in our body muscle leads to fatigue ?
a. Uric acid
b. Lactic acid
c. Benzoic acid
d. Pyruvic acid

Ans. b

11. Which of the following is the constituents of atomic nucleus ?
a. Proton and neutron
b. Electron and proton
c. Proton, neutron and electron
d. Electron and neutron

Ans. a
> Proton and neutron are present in nucleus
> Electrons are present in external part

12. In plants, from which part we get Turmeric ?
a. Flower
b. Stem
c. Root
d. Fruit

Ans. b
> Scientific name of turmeric - Curcuma longa

13. Which of the following is used in preservation of foods ?
a. Socium chloride
b. Potassium chloride
c. Citric acid
d. Sodium benzoate

Ans. d

14. The tissue which connects bones and muscles ?
a. Ligament
b. Cartilage
c. Tendon
d. Interstitial fluid

Ans. c

15. In human body which vitamin is most easily manufactured ?
a. Vit A
b. Vit D
c. Vit B
d. Vit E

Ans. b

Science GK questions answers for Competitive Exams - General knowledge questions answers repeated in every exam -

16. Non-sticky Kitchenware are generally coated with which of the following ?
a. Teflon
b. Oxygen
c. Graphite
d. PVC (Polymerization of vinyl chloride)

Ans. a
Teflon full name - PTFE (PolyTetraFluoro Ethylen)

17. Hemoglobin is a type of ?
a. Protein
b. Vitamin
c. Carbohydrate
d. Fat

Ans. a
> Hemoglobin is found in RBC (red blood cells)
> Our blood has red colour due to Hemoglobin
> Hemoglobin transport/carries oxygen from the lungs to rest of body tissues

18. Which among the following is a scaler quantity ?
a. Force
b. Displacement
c. Velocity
d. Volume

Ans. d
> Force, displacement, velocity are vector quantity
> Very important question

19. pH value of Human blood is ?
a. 7.2
b. 6.4
c. 6.6
d. 7.4

Ans. d
> Important question

20. The study of Flowers is called ?
a. Agrostology
b. Phrenology
c. Anthology
d. Palynology

Ans. c
> Phrenology - study of personality and character
> Agrostology - study of grasses
> Palynology - plant spores, plant organisms

21. The Tomato has red colour due to ?
a. Lycopene
b. Capsaicin
c. Xanthophyll

Ans. a
> For photosynthesis process, Tomatoes has 2 pigments - Chlorophyll which is green and Lycopene which is red
> Important question

22. The chemical name of Milk of Magnesia is ?
a. Calcium hydroxide
b. Magnesium hydroxide
c. Sodium bicarbonate
d. Magnesium carbonate

Ans. b

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